September 29 2005

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September 29th, 2005 (September 29 2005)EventUS Senate confirms John Roberts to be the next Chief Justice of the United States.
September 29th, 2005 (September 29 2005)EventAmnesty referendum in Algeria.
September 29th, 2005 (September 29 2005)DeathAustin Leslie, American chef, the "Godfather of Fried Chicken" (born in 1934)
September 29th, 1995 (September 29 1995)EventThe United States Navy disbands Fighter Squadron #84 (VF-84), the celebrated Jolly Rogers.
September 29th, 1975 (September 29 1975)EventWGPR in Detroit, Michigan, becomes the world s first black-owned-and-operated television station.
September 29th, 1975 (September 29 1975)EventSharon Dahlonega Raiford Bush becomes American television s first African-American weathercaster.
September 29th, 1975 (September 29 1975)BirthAlbert Celades, Spanish football player
September 29th, 1975 (September 29 1975)DeathCasey Stengel, baseball player and manager (born in 1890)
September 29th, 1945 (September 29 1945)BirthKyriakos Sfetsas, Greek composer
September 29th, 1935 (September 29 1935)BirthJerry Lee Lewis, American musician
September 29th, 1925 (September 29 1925)DeathLeon Bourgeois, French statesman, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (born in 1851)
September 29th, 1915 (September 29 1915)BirthVincent DeDomenico, American entrepreneur (died in 2007)
September 29th, 1915 (September 29 1915)BirthBrenda Marshall, American film actress (died in 1992)
September 29th, 1895 (September 29 1895)BirthJ.B. Rhine, American parapsychologist (died in 1980)
September 29th, 1895 (September 29 1895)BirthRoscoe Turner, American aviator and racer (died in 1970)
September 29th, 1885 (September 29 1885)EventThe first practical public electric tramway in the world is opened in Blackpool, England.
September 29th, 1725 (September 29 1725)BirthRobert Clive, 1st Baron Clive, British general and statesman (died in 1774)

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