September 29rd Deaths

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September 29th, 2007 (September 29 2007)DeathLois Maxwell, Canadian actress (born in 1927)
September 29th, 2006 (September 29 2006)DeathMichael A. Monsoor, a United States Navy SEAL killed in Iraq and posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.
September 29th, 2006 (September 29 2006)DeathJan Werner Danielsen, Norwegian singer (born in 1976)
September 29th, 2006 (September 29 2006)DeathKhalique Ibrahim Khalique, Pakistani journalist and Urdu poet and critic (born in 1926)
September 29th, 2006 (September 29 2006)DeathLouis-Albert Cardinal Vachon, French Canadian Catholic archbishop of Quebec (born in 1912)
September 29th, 2006 (September 29 2006)DeathWalter Hadlee, New Zealand cricketer (born in 1915)
September 29th, 2005 (September 29 2005)DeathAustin Leslie, American chef, the "Godfather of Fried Chicken" (born in 1934)
September 29th, 2004 (September 29 2004)DeathRichard Sainct, French motorcycle rally rider (born in 1970)
September 29th, 2002 (September 29 2002)DeathEdmund Trebus, probably best known for his appearance on A Life of Grime (born in 1918)
September 29th, 2001 (September 29 2001)DeathNguy?n Van Thi?u, President of South Vietnam (born in 1923)
September 29th, 1998 (September 29 1998)DeathJared High, victim of bullying and suicide (born in 1985)
September 29th, 1998 (September 29 1998)DeathTom Bradley, Mayor of Los Angeles (born in 1917)
September 29th, 1997 (September 29 1997)DeathRoy Lichtenstein, American artist (born in 1923)
September 29th, 1996 (September 29 1996)DeathLeslie Crowther, British comedian (born in 1933)
September 29th, 1994 (September 29 1994)DeathCheb Hasni, Algerian singer (born in 1968)
September 29th, 1989 (September 29 1989)DeathGussie Busch, American brewing magnate (born in 1899)
September 29th, 1988 (September 29 1988)DeathCharles Addams, American cartoonist (born in 1912)
September 29th, 1987 (September 29 1987)DeathHenry Ford II, president of Ford Motor Company (born in 1917)Henry Ford Quotes
September 29th, 1982 (September 29 1982)DeathMonty Stratton, baseball player (born in 1912)
September 29th, 1981 (September 29 1981)DeathBill Shankly, Scottish football manager (born in 1913)Bill Shankly Quotes
September 29th, 1976 (September 29 1976)DeathWadi Ayoub, Greco-Roman professional wrestler, (born in 1927)
September 29th, 1975 (September 29 1975)DeathCasey Stengel, baseball player and manager (born in 1890)
September 29th, 1973 (September 29 1973)DeathW. H. Auden, English poet (born in 1907)
September 29th, 1970 (September 29 1970)DeathEdward Everett Horton, American actor (born in 1886)Edward Vere Quotes
September 29th, 1967 (September 29 1967)DeathCarson McCullers, American author (born in 1917)
September 29th, 1952 (September 29 1952)DeathJohn Cobb, British racing driver (born in 1899)
September 29th, 1951 (September 29 1951)DeathThomas Cahill, American soccer coach (born in 1864)
September 29th, 1937 (September 29 1937)DeathRay Ewry, American athlete (born in 1873)
September 29th, 1930 (September 29 1930)DeathIlya Yefimovich Repin, Russian painter (born in 1844)
September 29th, 1927 (September 29 1927)DeathWillem Einthoven, Dutch inventor, Nobel laureate (born in 1860)
September 29th, 1927 (September 29 1927)DeathArthur Achleitner, German writer (born in 1858)
September 29th, 1925 (September 29 1925)DeathLeon Bourgeois, French statesman, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (born in 1851)
September 29th, 1908 (September 29 1908)DeathJoaquim Maria Machado de Assis, Brazilian writer (born in 1839)Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis Quotes
September 29th, 1902 (September 29 1902)DeathWilliam Topaz McGonagall, British poet (born in 1825)
September 29th, 1902 (September 29 1902)DeathEmile Zola, French writer (born in 1840)Emile Zola Quotes
September 29th, 1900 (September 29 1900)DeathSamuel Fenton Cary, congressman, prohibitionist (born in 1814)
September 29th, 1889 (September 29 1889)DeathLouis Faidherbe, French general (born in 1818)
September 29th, 1887 (September 29 1887)DeathBernhard von Langenbeck, German surgeon (born in 1810)
September 29th, 1833 (September 29 1833)DeathKing Ferdinand VII of Spain (born in 1784)
September 29th, 1804 (September 29 1804)DeathMichael Hillegas, first Treasurer of the United States (born in 1728)
September 29th, 1800 (September 29 1800)DeathMichael Denis, Austrian poet (born in 1729)
September 29th, 1703 (September 29 1703)DeathCharles de Saint-Evremond, French soldier (born in 1610)
September 29th, 1642 (September 29 1642)DeathRene Goupil, French Catholic missionary, one of Canadian Martyrs (born in 1608)
September 29th, 1637 (September 29 1637)DeathLorenzo Ruiz, Filipino saint
September 29th, 1560 (September 29 1560)DeathKing Gustav I of Sweden (born in 1496)
September 29th, 1364 (September 29 1364)DeathCharles, Duke of Brittany

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